Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Woe is me I stepped in poo!

Ok, I know it has been forever since I've (Victoria) posted anything (this has been a CRAZY Christmas season) but I had to write this down. So funny.

So Stephen, the faithful stalwart he is, went home teaching tonight. Very good. He even visited an extra family to see if they needed help for Christmas. Two thumbs up. As he walks in the door, with an anxious wife waiting to greet him, I hear - "OH gross - what is that?!" We look down at the carpet right by our entrance and see a brown spot. After the removal of his shoe, Stephen takes a whiff and exclaims, "No! Dog poo...gross!"

Then proceeded countless exclamations of "This is so gross", "I can't believe how gross this is", "This is why I don't want a pet", "This is so gross", "this is so gross", "ew, I can't believe how gross this is", "ich I hate this - this is so gross".

As an innocent bystander in the kitchen (a good 10 feet away from the incident) I can't help to find this situation hilarious! Stephen doesn't really complain about anything related to cleaning so to hear him go on and on about how gross and "crappy" the situation was hit a funny bone for me. He literally went on about for 20 minutes!!!

Now he's off to his brother's to get some deodorant and I can only imagine that we will hear it a few more times (at least) when he gets back.

Woe is Stephen. He stepped in doggy poo.

Cheers! Hope all of your seasons are merry and bright! I intend to update this site at some point...after all the homemade gifts are finished and out I'd say.

PS....My darling sister Amo (anne marie) definitely wins the "woe is me" category of the week. Her 2 year old twins dumped yogurt all over their piano keys. Ouch. That must have been a pain to clean.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We won!

Hello folks. I was just thinking, if you don't find our blog interesting because it's more of a journal than a blog, that's ok. I am horrible at journal keeping so this is a good way for me to keep track of our lives. Thus, if you don't want to know what I wore to work or what we ate for dinner (ok it's not that bad...) please enjoy other blogs. :0)

Guess what...we won! And then we won, and we won one more time! So last Thursday, after trying to call in to B98.7 many times with no luck to score Enchanted movie passes, I e-mailed one of the DJs a desperate plea and he gave me 4! Steve and I went with another couple on Monday and saw a preview viewing of the movie. Is it so sad that I totally loved it? Or that it made me want to jump into the street and start singing..."How does she know...." Most people will find it totally cheesy, but I thought it was so darling! Total bonus for Giselle (the princess) that she has almost the exact shade of red hair I do. Her character could be my best friend. She is always so happy and looks positively about everything. (She even claps when she gets really excited...maybe I do that too....) Loved it.

Then on Friday....I won! I won Celine Dion tickets for 2008. Yes we may not live in Utah anymore, but we will be coming back! I have loved her since I was a little girl and besides our friend Sean totally raining on my parade by saying "I'm sorry you have to go" I'm really excited. Again I wrote an e-mail to the people at FM100, this time describing how grateful I am for my husband. It was very touching, and even made me cry! (Can you tell I'm a sap yet?) With my outstanding writing skills (or so it would seem), I was picked to get a pair of Celine Dion tickets. Love it.

Finally, yesterday morning while I was driving in to work before 7 am, they had a call in contest at FM100 for Kurt Bestor tickets. And for the first time ever, I was the 10th caller!!! AH! So cool. He's quite a good entertainer and it will be fun to add his concert to our list of Christmas outings.

This weekend I sewed my mom a really neat table runner. She's from Finland, so I sewed a Finnish flag table runner! It turned out really well - I actually enjoyed sewing it quite a bit. I have a few finishing touches to do on it but I think she'll absolutely love it for Christmas. I also got supplies for Stephen's parent's gift. There was a huge scrapbooking sale close to our house and I bought lots of fun paper-y goodies for not so much money. I think this Christmas will be really enjoyable.

Well, as I'll describe in a post T-day post, I've been horribly busy and am quite exhausted. Time to rest before I need to hop back to work for a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nose picking, cars, and radio contest winning

There's so much to say after only a few days! Saturday night we visited my brother Lars in Orem. Stephen and I met up at his parent's house in Murray and then left one of our cars there (a part of another story to come). It always feels so good to be with family! My two nephews and two nieces are adorable. They showed us their Halloween costumes - my two "nerdy" (in a good way) nephews were Suleyman the Magnificent (a ruler of the Ottoman empire) and an English Longbow man. They were really unique costumes!

By the end of church on Sunday, my cheeks were as red as my hair, and my shirt revealed my nervousness by way of sweat marks (sorry if that was a TMI). The program went pretty well I guess....Annie was the only one to pick her nose, wave at her dad 15 times, and turn completely around during a song. I am so glad it is over! Also of note, a grandparent of one of the children in our primary apparently was snoring very loudly in the audience. Maybe it was because his grandson didn't end up staying for the program...thanks to Katie W who tried to kick the pulpit so he would wake up.

Monday was Veteran's Day. I must admit after working at the VA for over a year now, I have so much respect and gratitude for the Veteran's of our country. The exciting events of the day included the wonderful progressive dinner arranged by Noah and Alison. So much fun as usual. Thanks again to all couples who hosted and provided food. Whilst we were trying to leave for the progressive dinner, Stephen and I went to the parking lot to discover our car was missing. When I asked him where it was, the light of realization came upon his face. Stephen, a man with a brain so packed with stuff that occasionally bits fall out, forgot the car at school. To make a really long story short, he forgot we had picked up our other car at his parents house and took Trax home. I was so amused. Made me love him even more.

Yesterday Stephen won tickets on FM100 to Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas concert. This is of note because I also won those tickets over a month ago, but now we can give a pair to his sister as part of her Christmas present. The morning show hosts pick one individual each day who write them an e-mail to win a prize. Steve wrote a very touching e-mail on Monday about veterans and then wrote again on Tuesday. The female host wrote him back saying something to the effect of "'s easy to smile when there are people like you in the world" can only imagine how cheesy his e-mails were. But it worked! We've racked in over $100 in tickets from them and hopefully tomorrow I'll win some Celine Dion tickets....cross your fingers!

I guess I should do the dishes in the sink. I tend to get tired of housework towards midweek (even though I haven't cleaned much this week....oh well). Stephen is going to YW in Excellence tonight and though I should go to the gym, I probably go so I can spend some time with him...

Have a happy day everyone!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tagged: My Husband

My feet still stink but my sister has this on her blog and I wanted to post it really fast:

What is his name? Stephen/Steve/Honey Bunches
How long have you been together? Married 1 year 3 months today!
How long did you date? Does the engagement count?....5 months if it does...
How old is he? 23
Who eats more? I start to feel like I ate too much if I eat as much as Steve - he's muscular and way taller than me so it should always be him.
Who said I love you first? Steve - I was so surprised I didn't know what to say back!
Who is taller? Only if I wore 12" heels could I be taller.
Who sings better? Ask Steve..
Who is smarter? Stephen is amazingly smart. I do pretty well for myself though. I'd say he's smarter overall but I beat him hands down for memory skills.
Whose temper is worse? Sadly there is no contest - me.
Who does the laundry? Mostly me.
Who does the dishes? Pretty equal I'd say.
Who pays the bills? Stephen (and I love him for that)
Who cooks dinner? Almost always me, but Stephen is a champion dinner maker when I'm exhausted or don't want to cook.
Who drives when you are together? Stephen. (When we were dating, he thought I was kind of a scary driver...)
Who is more stubborn? Probably me.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I think we both do a pretty good job.
Who kissed who first? Stephen kissed me under the stars by a warm fire as we cuddled underneath blankets in his parents backyard. He first recited me a poem he wrote and then kissed me. (Super duper cute! and from that moment I knew he was a fantastic kisser! ;0) )
Who asked who out? Stephen asked me to go skiing with him...which led to a broken leg and an eternal bond!
Who proposed? Stephen...after months of waiting for a ring!
Who is more sensitive? I'm so offended you asked that question!! uh, me.
What's one thing you love about your husband? Stephen is very, very patient. When I am extremely grumpy he patiently waits for the storm to clear.
Who wears the pants in the family? I'm earning our livelihood for the mostpart but Steve deals with bugs and mice so I guess both of us.

Busy busy busy!

I would say that "busy" is the best way to describe our life right now, but realizing someday we will have all kinds of ballet and piano lessons, soccer games and birthday parties I guess it may not seem so busy later on. Alas, the days pass by more and more quickly.

This week was a good representation of a typical week with Stephen gone Tuesday and Thursday for Bishopric, Stephen contemplating what he wants to do when he grows up and I lovingly shake my head and remind him it will all work out, work, outings with friends/family on Friday and Saturday night. As busy as it is, and as exhausted as Steve in particular will be, I think we could not be more content with our lives. We have wonderful families, fun friends, and a quaint little place we love to call home. Our ward also rocks. Though I may have had slight apprehension when we moved in over a year ago, I mourn the day we will leave. The love I have for the people is astounding!

Speaking of church, tomorrow is our Primary Program! We had a practice today that went quite well. I feel kind of awkward because I kneel next to the podium and hold up props but hopefully the congregation will enjoy looking at the top of my head. My counselors and I stood out in the pews while the children sang a song, and we could hear all the words! Kids are so cute. I'm sad we can't video record it since I won't be able to see their faces, but I hope everyone watching will enjoy!

This is kind of a funny story about today. So I went to my car to put some things away after we had our little post-practice pizza party. I left some extra slices of pizza for Stephen in the Primary room thinking that I would go and get them after my first trip to the car. When I returned into the building and past the cultural hall, I saw two people munching down on the pizza. I contemplated how they had found it, but I guess one gentleman's nose led him to the good eatin'. I didn't really mind, Stephen will be non the worse for wear, but I thought it was funny that they didn't ask, they just started chowing down. Anyways, it wasn't that big of a deal and I hope they enjoyed their lunch.

Later today we're going to go to Orem to see my brother's family. His 4 kids are awesome and Steven and I really enjoy spending time with them. Stephen is doing a window washing job right now - and as I unfortunately inherited my mom's "life-is-a-Stephen-King-novel" mentality, I always worry that he'll break his neck and die. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Well I can smell that my feet could use a shower in addition to the rest of my extremities, so I guess I should depart....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A little change...

So my darling Stephen came home quickly between meetings, and when he heard the name of our blog, he inevitably laughed and said I was silly. Knowing he was not thrilled with the address, I just now changed it Much better. :0)

The Beginning

Well we're jumping on the blog-waggon. I (Victoria) actually did blogging back in high school with friends, but now as so many of our friends and family are joining the craze again, I feel motivated to start tracking the married life of Stephen and me.

An initial note:

Our website is "" meaning Steve and Me. Only too late did I realize that by shortening "and" to "n" I ended up with the misspelling of Stephen's name. As Alison realized, a heck of a lot of names for blogs are already taken! Oh well, I doubt he'll mind too much, he'll probably laugh at me as he usually does and be glad I didn't write Stefan instead. (He really dislikes being called that).

Well whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy our silly little life. Stephen's busy, I'm a little wacky but most importantly we're happy!